How Happy Hands Works

Happy Hands, The Original UV Nail Glove works because it's not just a regular piece of fabric......


Happy Hands, The Original UV Nail Glove ™ is made with a unique UV ray inhibitor coated fabric that is thoroughly tested at an independent lab to ensure each glove meets or exceeds our UPF 40+ standard. This UPF 40+ rating means that it blocks 98%+ of harmful UVA and UVB rays. Our glove packaging has the UPF rating and the percentage UV rays blocked for every glove we manufacture.


Happy Hands, The Original UV Nail Glove ™ has a UV ray inhibitor coating that adheres to all published American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) International Standards, FTC Regulations and US Testing protocols. This UV coating is effective at absorbing and blocking UV light. It has been developed with safe specialized UV-disrupting compounds that help boost the gloves UPF rating.


Happy Hands, The Original UV Nail Glove works because it is regulated......


Happy Products ™ product standards are conducted according to all American Standards of Testing & Regulations acknowledged by the FTC. The procedures we use have been developed in the United States by the American Association of Textile Chemists and Colorists and by the American Society for Testing and Materials. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) also monitors UPF claims and is responsible for investigating testing methods to ensure they support claims that may be in question. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) are also spreading the word and getting more involved with sun safety, UV ray protection and UV clothing.

Happy Hands, The Original UV Nail Glove also works because it is not only tested but passes all tests with flying colors.....


The Happy Hands, The Original UV Nail Glove ™ standard test methods are used to determine the ultraviolet radiation blocked or transmitted by textile fabrics intended to be used for UV protection. The tests conducted lead to measurement of the residual level of UV-protection (after exposure to conditions that relate to 100 hours of UV ray exposure) in fabrics labeled as sun or UV-protective. During these tests artificial UV light is transmitted through a garment's fabric and measured by a radiation-measuring device, using a spectrophotometer. The fabric's ability to absorb and block UV light is then calculated and a UPF value is assigned. Happy Hands ™ regulations also adhere to all UV product labeling requirements for textile products intended for the protection of humans from UVA and UVB radiation.


With meticulous testing, we can absolutely guarantee a UPF 40+ protection from the first day our product is worn up to 100 hours of artificial or natural UV ray exposure without washing/wetting the glove while maintaining good fabric care.


Happy Hands, The Original UV Nail Glove works because it was made especially for you.....


Fabric treatments, dyes, fiber types, construction, wetness and fabric condition can ALL effect the UV protection and UPF rating. So please remember not all fabrics were created equally.

A Regular Cotton T-Shirt/glove has between a UPF 5 and UPF 8  verses Happy Hands, The Original UV Nail Glove ™ that has a UPF 40+.



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Ladies are you protected?

We've been gel/shellac nail junkies since 2014. We started to wonder if UV ray and LED nail lamps were damaging to our skin. To our surprise, and after lots of research, we found out that yes indeed our beautiful, shiny manicure and pedicure that was drying under the lamps was damaging our skin. So that's where the creation of Happy Hands, our first product by Happy Products began. Knowledge is power. Shield your skin from UV rays that cause premature aging and skin damage. We even wear ours when driving our car on a sunny day. We wish we would have known this years ago, but its never too late. 


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