Happy Hands UV Nail Glove

Happy Hands UV Nail Glove



No more wearing your age on your hands! Blocks 98% of UV rays while driving or getting gel/shellac manicures under the UV and LED lamp. Love your paws, they're the only pair you get!

UV Ray shielding ruffled fingerlesss nail glove. One size fits all.

Ladies are you protected?

We've been gel/shellac nail junkies since 2014. We started to wonder if UV ray and LED nail lamps were damaging to our skin. To our surprise, and after lots of research, we found out that yes indeed our beautiful, shiny manicure and pedicure that was drying under the lamps was damaging our skin. So that's where the creation of Happy Hands, our first product by Happy Products began. Knowledge is power. Shield your skin from UV rays that cause premature aging and skin damage. We even wear ours when driving our car on a sunny day. We wish we would have known this years ago, but its never too late. 


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